Che by Fidel & Fidel by Che

Che by Fidel
“I halt in my daily combat to bow my head, with respect and gratitude, to the exceptional combatant who fell on the 8th of October 40 years ago. For the example he passed on to us as leader of his Rebel Army Column, crossing the swampy grounds of the former provinces of Oriente and Camagüey, while being chased by enemy troops. He was the liberator of the city of Santa Clara and the mastermind of voluntary work; he accomplished honorable political missions abroad and served as messenger of militant internationalism in East Congo and Bolivia. He built new awareness in our America and the world. 
I thank him for what he tried and failed to do in his home country, because he was like a flower prematurely severed from its stem. 
He left to us his unmistakable literary style. He was elegant, swift and true to every detail of whatever happened to cross his mind. He was a predestinate, but he didn’t know it. He still fights with us and for us.”
Fidel Castro.

Fidel by Che
“Fidel is a person of such tremendous personality that he would attain leadership in whatever movement he participated. It has been like that throughout his career, from his student days to the premiership of our country and as a spokesperson for the oppressed peoples of the Americas. 
He has the qualities of a great leader, added to which are his personal gifts of audacity, strength, courage, and an extraordinary determination always to discern the will of the people – and these have brought him to the position of honor and sacrifice that he occupies today. But he has other important qualities – his ability to assimilate knowledge and experience in order to understand a situation in its entirety without losing sight of the details, his unbounded faith in the future, and the breath of his vision to foresee events and anticipate them in action, always seeing farther and more accurately than his comrades. 
With these great cardinal qualities, his capacity to unite, resisting the divisions that weaken; his ability to lead the whole people in action, Fidel Castro has done more than anyone else in Cuba to create from nothing the present formidable apparatus of the Cuban Revolution”.
Ernesto Guevara. 
“Cuba, Historical exception or vanguard in the anticolonial struggle?” April 1961