Los caminos del Che

The cultural circuit “Los Caminos del Che”

We delve into a different alternative, to get to know more of the life and ideology of this legendary carácter, and why not, even feel we are part of a jouney that began as an adventure and, along the way, mapped out the thinking of this revolutionary leader who changed Latin American history forever. The cultural circuit “Los Caminos del Che”, launched in August 2009, starts in Rosario, Santa Fe; going on the Misiones home-museum of El Che, in Colonia Caraguatay, Misiones; continuing to the Ernesto Che Guevara House-museum, at Alta Gracia, Córdoba; finally reaching the “La Pastera museum, in San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén.
We set off on the route (chronologically) going to the Rosario homenage site, located 186,5 miles from de Buenos Aires city, to discover the revolucionary leader`s birthplace, the plaza and the Monument in homenage to him. The plaza, as well as featuring the sculpture by artist Andrés Zerneri, has a pathway of cobblestones and sleepers, symbolically tracing in an abstract shape, the route of El Che through Latin América. At the number 480 on Entre Ríos street stands the house where he was born and lived his first year of life. Our tour continues and leads us to the home- museum in the west-central region of Misiones. El Che lived there with his parents from 1928 until the end of 1929, making it this first permanent place of residence. The “Ernesto Guevara de la Serna Provincial Park” was created with the aim of preserving the historic reference and the ecosystem of the area covering nearly 57 acres; it also offers the tourist attraction named “The Misiones home of El Che” displaying the social and cultural setting of the era. It es hardly a difficult path leading to important information points and in turn to discover the themes “Che Guevara” museum. In the center of Argentina, in Córdoba province, the Ernesto Che Guevara house-museum, at Alta Grcia, has the Sierras Chicas as a backdrop and was opened in 2001. This particular enclosure takes a look at the customs of this historic personality`s life: here Ernesto lived eleven years alon whit his family. The final stop on this tour, and perhaps the most interesting for its documentary quality, is La Pastera, a museum dedicated to El Che in San Martín de los Andes, at the side of the Lacar lake. It is a collector`s piece in itself, dating from 1946. Built entirely of wood, Ernesto and his great friend Alberto Granado stayed, there is a whole library section displaying some gems of the collection: documentary material, plubications, photos and books published by the Che Guevara Study Center in La Habana, Cuba. Nevertheless, the IT support that distinguishes this place is a plasma screen constantly displaying audiovisual material, talks and interviews, his story is told in his own words, his letters, and by his family- The rout supported by the National Tourism Department (Sectur) and was declared national interest by the Argentine Government. For further information: www.loscaminosdelche.gov.ar - www.altagracia.gov.arwww.lapastera.org.ar